Injection Molding Tools

Innolite - Main building

Conception & Design

With a specialty in minimizing tolerances, we have developed concepts and finalized designs for injection molding tools in the field of polymer optics for more than 5 years. We are happy to share our expertise in cooling strategies, gate design, alignment of mold inserts and injection compression strategies.

Innolite - Main building

Manufacturing & Assembly

Our machine equipment is suited to manufacture high precision molding tools for optics replication. Our background in adjusting the right tolerances allows for simple yet precise and effective systems to produce your demanding optics. Along with the diamond machining expertise to manufacture the mold inserts, we operate as a full solution provider.

Innolite - Main building

Test Series & Sampling

In a close cooperation with Arburg, we operate a fully electric injection molding machine to test molding tools and to sample optics production. This step allows for a closed loop optimization of tools and processes to optimize optics precision, alignment or inner tension for ultimate lens performance.