The core team of Innolite has been working in the field of advanced diamond machining and ultra-precision machine tool development for optics manufacturing for the past 15 years. Based on various projects and strong cooperation with our partners we could build up further experience in the field of optics polymer replication covering Injection Molding Tools and the corresponding process technology.

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All along the process chain

We try to support and serve our customers along the entire process chain for optics and especially polymer optics production to ensure efficient, high quality products and only little losses at transitions between optics design and production or mold making an replication. An early stage involvement in optical product development will ensure optimized efficiency and reduced risk for your optics production. Our current customers consider our experience in data handling, program generation and the realistic estimation of achievable tolerances as highly valuable next to our diamond machining capabilities.

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Our team

Our team has been growing ever since the company start in 2008 with current expertise in the fields of process development and optics production, machine tool and software development as well as ultrasonic system design. With this broad background, we are capable of solving also non-standard challenges in optics production. As an SME we have efficient communication and short reaction time for our customer projects.

Dr. Christian Wenzel

  • CEO
  • +49 241 475708 12

Rainer Klar

  • Head of Mold Making & Optics Production
  • +49 241 475708 13

Lucas Pesch

  • Sales
  • +49 241 475708 38

Jobs description

At Innolite, our goal is to supply leading edge technology for ultra-precision manufacturing. Our team is dedicated to continuously improving existing systems and inventing new fields of ultra-precision beyond the conventional methods employed within our industry.

Technical curiosity is the key to improve and invent. To achieve best surface finishes at high productivity in optics it takes a technical composition of many different fields, such as mechanics, control, programming, and surroundings. Our team possesses a strong knowledge and understanding of topics that are beyond their day-to-day responsibilities in an effort to improve holistically.

Passion for precision and perfection is our common denominator throughout all fields of work. Our team members share and display that passion, whether they are in assembly, process, electronics, software, or finance.

Project dedication is a major key to customer satisfaction, not only does it require technical perfection, but it also requires on time deliveries, optimized processes, and efficient communication. Our team members understand the importance of uncompromised service—service that is defined by innovative solutions designed to enhance customer outcomes and can only be achieved via the collective effort of everyone involved.

If you are passionate about your work and the impact your work has on others, then Innolite may be the right career fit for you! Please visit our website to learn more about our career opportunities or contact us directly.


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